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What We Do

We help people navigate and disseminate information enabling them to make educated decisions that affect their financial well-being.

Objectivity: We believe that individuals are best served when they are presented with detailed analysis of their financial status and are offered alternatives. Through FSC Securities Corporation, a registered Broker/Dealer, we offer a full range of products from various companies; we are positioned to offer a wide array of insurance products available in the industry today. Capital Resource Management is an independent financial firm.

Client-Centered Philosophy: “Service First, Last and Always” is the precise definition of our business. No matter what the circumstances, no matter what the challenge, our goal is to do whatever it takes to help our clients put their financial affairs in the best possible order.

Confidence: You can depend on us to respect the level of trust we have built up with our firm’s clients. We understand fully the importance of our relationship with clients. That is why maintaining the quality of these relationships is our primary consideration in everything that we do.

Exclusivity: Our tradition has always revolved around the highly compensated, high net worth professionals. We believe we have the advantage of understanding the unique problems and solutions our clients face.

Tailored Consulting: Our financial modeling is custom tailored to each client. We do not approach every situation with boilerplate solutions. We spend time coordinating the concerns, goals, and specific objectives for each client. We then arrange and communicate all the available solutions one may make. Time is spent discussing the pros and cons of all options until the participant feels confident with the recommendations. The result is an informed decision-maker with a custom-tailored plan.

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