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"It Starts with YOU!"

Step One

Base your plan on what's important to you: Defining Your Values.



A) Let's Answer Your Why

B) Conduct the Objectives and Values conversation with a partner

C) Complete the Goals Worksheet

D) Collect and organize your financial information

Step Two

Make Meaningful Milestones: Setting Your Specific Goals


A) Choose dates that mean something

B) Don't worry about how, for now

C) Make goals tangible

-Those that require money and planning to achieve

Step Three

Benchmark Your Current Financial Reality: Gathering Documents and Building Your Virtual Wealth Management Site


A) Gather statements that reflect current values

B) Adhere to provided Checklist

C) Organize data within your personal On-Line Wealth Management website and document vault. 

1→ 2→ 3 Done?

Nope. Just getting started

Now the process of Creating, Protecting, and Transferring your wealth can properly begin…

  • We will now begin applying certain financial principles, guidelines, calculations and variables for unique situations to reflect the monetary requirements of the goals you have set.

The bridge between "Now and "Want to Be" is the financial strategy (action)!

Getting Started-
It's your story!