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This is Why we are Here

This is Why we are Here

| May 26, 2022

This is a very challenging moment for many market investors.  They are feeling the stress and, likely, watching their accounts.  Furthermore, they might be letting too much doubt, fear, and anxiety creep further into their mindset.  If you think that is the case for you, please let us know.  We have seen a huge uptick in clients and prospective clients seeking reassurance and we are happy to do that. 

During times like this, it is helpful to be reassured well-constructed, long-term financial plans can absorb difficult times.  With that goal in mind, we have created a simple “Yes/No” checklist titled “What Issues Should I Consider During a Recession or Market Correction?” (Click Here)

Let’s review how to use this checklist.  The goal is to slow down our thinking and reflect on good choices.  There are four broad areas to focus on: Cash Flow, Asset & Debt, Tax Planning, and Estate Planning issues.  Once you have answered these questions, email us at if you would like to review your answers with one of our team members.  You may have other issues that you will want to discuss and we welcome any and all questions.

We know the current environment is full of negativity.  There is increased risk that some people will lose confidence and expose themselves to poor outcomes, all due to the quality of their choices.  If you or someone you care about have concerns, please reach out or to point them our way.   

Lastly, our 2022 “Dependable Forecast” article seems to be hitting every point. (  The irony is that we post this “prediction” every January because the psychology of money, loss, fear and greed dominates the human mind and behavior.  

Our team hope this helps, we know you trust us to guide you through this and we will do just that.  Keep that retirement dream alive, you’ll get it soon enough.  This is why we are here. 

Phil Gose