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Scam via Mail

Scam via Mail

| April 10, 2019

Below you will see a copy of a letter and the envelope I recently received in the mail. At first glance, I saw it was from “Aviva” which is a known insurance company located in the Des Moines area, however quickly I saw the letter was coming from Canada. This is one of many red flags. 

I have highlighted several of the other red flags I saw throughout the letter:

  • The word confidential used several times
  • Grammatical errors (capitalizing numeric)
  • Saying I “match” a person’s details
  • Asking for part of the funds
  • 100% Risk Free
  • Gmail account as a contact
  • Bogus website
  • Address does not match the envelope

Always be cautious! If you receive something like this, please report it to one of the four options we have included.