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Investor Election Survivor Checklist

Investor Election Survivor Checklist

| September 14, 2020

  • Investment performance over the short term, including during election season, can be largely driven by emotions and randomness 
  • The economy is much larger and influences markets much more than a certain political party in power 
  • Political parties and the media will bombard you with partial truths and tag lines to get you emotionally charged (so you will tune in) 
  • Investing based on news headlines, emotions or “expert” forecasts can be a very costly activity 
  • Recognize the difference between luck and investor skill
    • Guessing the right outcome is luck
    • Patience and discipline are fruits of investor skill 
  • Process transcends returns in uncertain scenarios (like an election)
    • Let the investment process guide your decisions 
  • Vote with your heart and energy, not with your portfolio



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